You Before Me



Ralph Serouya

       Every day I humbly pray for the recovery of the individuals in Klal Yisrael who happen to be sick and need our Tefillot. Why do I do this ? I do this because I think, how would I feel if I were in these people's shoes? This thought is especially prevalent after volunteering in the hospital and seeing many sick people everyday.

Our Hachamim (Rabbis) of blessed memory say in the Gemara (Baba Kamma 92a):

the lesson that our Rabbis taught us, that whoever prays (to Hashem) for mercy on behalf of his friend, while he himself is in need of the same thing, he will be answered first.”

I once was pondering over this Gemara and asked myself:

“Why should I get answered first if I pray for my friend?”

    Then I realized something.  How can I pray for someone who is G-d forbid sick if I myself am G-d forbid sick? It must mean that through me wanting to pray for others I by virtue can not get sick because then I won’t be able to pray for these sick individuals. So Hashem will answer me first so that I have the proper strength to pray for them. So too, if I pray for any other need of a friend before myself, like for an income or clarity, it is possible that Hashem will answer me first so that I can pray for my friend without any of my own troubles distracting my kavanah. This of course is my own humble opinion.  

    May we merit to learn and understand all of the sayings of our Rabbi’s and thereby be able to fulfill the Misvot correctly and have meaning in everything we do!

    May Hashem relieve the sicknesses that people might have and through this allow them to fulfill the Will of Hashem in a complete and perfect way.